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Write a short reaction paper (250 words or so) for Tuesday’s class in terms of historiography today. Due 4 September


HI1202 – History B

100 points established 2000-07 SKOLFS: 2000:60


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Goals that pupils should have attained on completion of the course

Pupils should:
be able to formulate historical problems on the basis of short or long-term perspectives and work through these with an awareness and a critical attitude

be able to show how different types of historical views give different historical pictures

be able to show the complications arising from critical sources in the description of both current and also historical processes and situations

be able to distinguish and compare events and phenomena in today’s world locally, regionally, nationally and globally from a historical perspective

be able to make historical comparisons over time and distance.

Grading criteria

Criteria for Pass

Pupils work from a single event or course of events and identify the different types of forces and factors that may ultimately have been critical.

Pupils demonstrate on the basis of central historical concepts how one and the same historical phenomena or course of events can be described in different ways.

Pupils show the complications arising from critical sources in the description of current and also historical processes and situations.

Criteria for Pass with distinction

Pupils show the background and context from evolutionary historical perspectives.

Pupils give the context and historical background for studies in other subjects.

Pupils discuss and explain historical events, processes and persons from different perspectives and aspects.

Pupils describe and explain different types of historical views in the present and past.

Criteria for Pass with special distinction

Pupils from different perspectives map long-term trends in historical development and show their awareness of their complexity.

Pupils choose and formulate their own issues and problems, as well as search on their own and with critical awareness with respect to relevant information on different historical issues.

Pupils relate local and regional views with global views from a historical perspective.

Pupils clarify how different historical views and different explanatory models can be built from different texts and phenomena for courses of events.

Pupils make historical comparisons over time between different countries and cultures, as well as clarify how differences today have their historical explanation, and also indicate what the consequences of this may be for the future.

History B

The What and the How…

Watch this!

Some areas we might look on:

Evolution vs. Revolution


History of Language, Indo-European

History of Sexuality

History of Science, Discovery, Innovation

British History, especially 19th Century

History of Ideas and Science

History of Nationalism/Empire/Colonialism

Revolution and Riot

Repression of Minorities


Thriving and failing cities


East Asia

American History


In class, to be completed as homework: formulate a proposal, 250 words or so, providing 3-5 suggestions for areas of study. Provide a brief justification for tomorrow… due: 29 August.