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What happened before the movement for gender equality?

“Natural Rights”

Emile, Rousseau (1762)

Rights of Man, Paine (1791)

Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, (1792) and Olympe de Gouge, Declaration of the Rights of Women (1791)

Throne and Altar Fall… or do they?

Reaction and Other Issues

Senaca Falls, (1848)

Social Purity Movement

The vote: Suffragettes

More here

The Wars






Read the Excerpt from the Second Sex

Be ready to discuss the first three pages!

See you tomorrow.

Turn In

Before next class:

1. Your Prezi to before next class. I will blog them as they come in.

2. You should turn in your page of notes, that is, the work (based on the instructions) that you want to back up your Prezi, including citation.

3. Next class we’ll be starting a new unit on the History of Gender and Politics. No prep necessary.

Today and Tomorrow

Workshopping the Museum!

1. Finalize your research and write it up.

2. Build your Prezi.

3. Peer assessment.

I think tomorrow may be too early for the launch, it might be better to just have a Q and A with our expert. Let’s talk!


I’ve put some very good sources for you on reserve in the library that deal with both Japan and Sweden.

Observations as to the preliminary plans, some good plans but more DIGGING (research) to find the roots of these “artifacts”…

Any groups struggling and looking for a new topic, this article is great on Japanese attitudes toward risk and risk taking (which are almost identical to those of Swedes)