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Schedule for Presentations

Week 7

Tuesday- Rwanda, USSR, Spain

Week 8

Monday- Armenia, Cambodia, Germany

Tuesday- USA, Japan


Reading on Genocide

Read about it here


For this unit we’ll be working on area studies of your choosing, the groups are as follows:

  • Soviet Union: Kulaks
  • Japanese in China in the 30’s and 40s
  • Nazi murder of Jews
  • USA and Native Americans
  • Spanish and Aztecs
  • Cambodia under Pol Pot
  • Rwanda
  • Armenia

There should be an answerable thesis question and a section for each person to answer their one page part. A suggested format is:

  • Background
  • The Case
  • Discussion/Evidence
  • Conclusions

(or some variation of the above)

Questions and Discussions on Nation-States

What are the pros and cons regarding the nation(-building) process you looked at?

What myths are involved? How are they borne out in policy, institutions, etc.

Is the nation-state the ideal arrangement in world politics from the point of view of your study?

What are the next steps in this process?